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With over 25 years of business sales and business valuation appraisal experience, we have the expertise needed to provide our clients with clear, accurate and affordable Business Appraisals nation wide.

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True Market Business Valuation Appraisal
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  clear business valuation appraisals business valuation appraisal  Clear
Our business appraisals are designed to be easily understood. No CPA or financial expert is needed to translate the report. We use common business terms, step by step mathematical analysis and a complete explanation of each step in the process. The end result is a logical and understandable business evaluation report.
  accurate business value appraisal business value  Accurate
Our market value business appraisals are the most accurate approach to determine a business value. Remember this old statement? An item is worth only what someone is willing to pay for it. By looking at business sales over many years and the business components that represent business value, we can accurately determine the appraisal value of most businesses.
  affordable business appraisal business market value  Affordable
By simplifying the business appraisal method, we are able to provide clients with a better appraisal at a lower price. We have devoted over 20 years to analyzing business appraisal methods with the sole purpose of determining the key elements in businesses that contribute value. This simplification allows a more affordable pricing of our services.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best Business Valuation possible. We approach each appraisal as if it were to be used in litigation and we would have to defend our process. On a few occasions we have successfully assisted our clients in court.

A listing on our Appraisal Details page specifies all documents used and reviewed for the appraisal plus a list of any significant issues relating to the appraisal. Copies of all documents used to complete the appraisal are included in the appraisal package.

We believe in clarity. Our appraisals are easy to read and understand. We include a step by step explanation of the process in the appraisal and an entire section devoted to explaining the logic behind the appraisal process.

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