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Robert A. Klein  
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Purpose of Business Appraisal

  • Sale of business
  • Purchase of business
  • Shareholder buy outs
  • Business loans
  • Estate valuations
  • Business performance evaluations
  • Divorce proceedings
  • IRS required appraisals
  • Other legal requirements
  • Discounts for lack of marketability
  Business Appraisal Format  
  • Cover Page
  • Index
  • Appraisal Details
  • Business Appraisal Summary
  • Business Appraisal
  • Methodology
  • Resume of Robert A. Klein
  • Appraisal Information Form
  • Copies of Documents Used for the Appraisal


Please be aware that there are a lot of business appraisers out there that have never started, owned, ran, bought or sold a business. We have!

We provide Appraisals in California and across the United States.

Business Appraisal Purpose
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